Reports & Publications

With our global community now fully aware of the growing plastic waste challenge, many initiatives have been launched by international research agencies, intergovernmental working groups, national and regional governments, as well as industries. These organizations have engaged stakeholders, conducted critical research, and developed guidance documents, practical manuals and employable solutions.

Enhancing Labor-Intensive Separate Waste Collection and Utilization in APEC Economies

Breaking Down High-Risk Plastic Products

Regulating High-Risk Plastic Products

Putting an End to Plastic Pollution

Towards a Treaty to End Plastic Pollution

Towards a Treaty to End Plastic Pollution

Impacts of Plastic Pollution on Biodiversity

Assessing the relevance of the EU directive on single-use plastics

Rising Tides II: Public Opinion Overwhelmingly Supports GLobal Rules to End Plastic Pollution

WWF Position Plastic Crediting and Plastic Neutrality

Plastic Waste Module

Extended Producer Responsibility Guideline on Plastic Products & Packaging for Industries in Indonesia

A New Treaty on Plastic Pollution – Perspectives from Asia

Plastic Packaging in Southeast Asia and China

WWF’s Global Strategy: No Plastics in Nature

Panda Talks Plastic

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) Scheme Assessment for Plastic Packaging Waste in the Philippines

Plastics: The Costs to Society, The Environment, and The Economy

Final Report Waste Management Strategies and Pilot Testing

Sustainable Retailers Scorecard 2019

Plastic Policy Summit Report: Domestic Solutions for a Global Problem