Waste Flow Diagram Toolkit

The Waste Flow Diagram toolkit is an excel-based model allowing users to perform a rapid assessment of municipal solid waste flows within a city or municipality. The tool maps these waste flows using Sankey diagrams and quantifies the plastic waste that is emitted from the solid waste management system and its eventual fate in the environment. The toolkit is specifically designed to integrate with SDG 11.6.1 by informing on the sub-indicators, and can be operated either as a baseline assessment or used for scenario forecasting.

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In short, the WFD aims to:

  • Provide a rapid assessment of a cities or municipalities municipal solid waste management system. Also visualise the flows of waste, including informing the SDG 11.6.1 sub-indicators
  • Use observational based assessments to quantify the sources of plastic leakage into the environment. And determine the fate of this uncontrolled waste
  • Identify high-priority sources of plastic pollution
  • Allow benchmarking and comparison between cities
  • Run scenarios to gain insights into how proposed interventions may impact the solid waste management system and plastic pollution
  • Quantify the effectiveness of applied interventions

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