Monitoring & Evaluation

Monitoring and evaluation is an important step in understanding and solving plastic problems by identifying a logical framework and outcome/output indicators of the program based on the baseline conditions.

Key Considerations: If a pilot project is not properly monitored and evaluated, we may be uncertain of its value and waste resources with missed timelines. We may not accurately understand the progress or impact of our project activities on the desired outcome and thus how well our interventions are going.

The Problem

A project that has not been monitored or assessed can not be adjusted to what is needed in the field as we would be unaware of the progress against outcomes or how effective, efficient, or suitable the programming is. 

Without clear goals, steps to reach those goals, and a monitoring, evaluation, and learning plan for the project, there would not be a systematic way of collecting quality data to better understand our progress and thus learn from our projects and improve implementation.

Potential Solutions

Monitoring and evaluation provides essential tools for understanding whether a Plastic Smart City project or programme is on track and achieving its objectives. It is an critical tool for any City that wants to ensure their objectives are being achieved efficiently and effectively. Ultimately, it is necessary for long-term success. 

By systematically tracking progress and collecting quality data, and investing in monitoring and assessment systems and processes, project managers can identify issues early and make course corrections where needed. It will also help them make strategic decisions and optimise resources. It is important for project outcomes to align with the overall goals of the City Action Plan to ensure a sound theory of change and logical framework, allowing for the monitoring of our desired impact.

In addition to these benefits, monitoring and assessment also provides Cities with valuable insights into the impact of their interventions and the strengths and weaknesses of their operations for programme adaptation and scaling.

Case Studies

WasteAware Benchmark Indicators
Waste Flow Tools
Municipal Measurement Program
Waste Wise Cities Tools
Plastic Disclosure Project
Citizen Science

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