Oceanworks is the global marketplace for recycled ocean plastic materials and products. 

TARGET USERS: Individuals, Businesses, Industry, Government

KEY CONSIDERATIONS: A sourcing platform that provides a range of recycled ocean plastic resins, yarn, materials, and products.

MORE INFORMATION: https://oceanworks.co/


Plastic waste that is not collected and processed inevitably finds its way into nature. Furthermore, even when plastic waste is collected, there isn’t always a market for the recycled pellets, leading to the vast majority of collected plastic waste being directed to landfills or incinerator facilities.


Oceanworks is a global marketplace for recycled ocean plastic materials and products. They work with collectors, processors, and manufacturers to guarantee the origin of ocean plastic in the marketplace. They then test and document what materials are being harvested and how they were collected, monitoring the chain of custody through production while also providing impact metrics and stories for each end product.

Oceanworks works with partners to collect plastics and ensure the recycling of plastics.

Oceanworks launched in 2018 and now has over 100 member companies sampling and sourcing recycled ocean plastic materials. Our members make a broad range of products from credit cards, shoes, apparel, building supplies, reusable cups, bags, promotional items, and much more


Other solutions that provide a marketplace for recycled plastics, include Ocean Plastics, and other initiatives by Parley, to name a few.


The Sak partnerd with Oceanworks to source material from recycled fishing nets for a new product line.

Outerknown partnered with Oceanworks to source material for ocean plastic buttons. See more info at: https://www.outerknown.com/blogs/journey/ocean-plastic-buttons

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