Declaration of Intent

Declaration of Intent

Make the Plastic Smart Cities pledge and commit to no plastics in nature.

Plastic Smart Cities is an initiative launched by WWF, with a mission to inspire and encourage cities and coastal centers, and foster collaboration between stakeholders worldwide, to take bold action on plastics to achieve no plastics in nature by 2030. The Declaration of Intent (DoI) outlines a city’s plastic pledge as a member of the Plastic Smart Cities community, and must be signed by an official city authority, often a mayor, and often with the support of the city council. 

Plastic Smart Cities commit to advance the mission of the Plastic Smart Cities initiative, and to support it by taking ambitious action at a local level, in close collaboration with citizens, civil society, national authorities, international institutions, the private sector and academic institutions, with a view to achieving no plastics in nature by 2030, and also committing to do the following:

Conduct a baseline assessment of plastic waste flows in the city to identify current levels of mismanaged waste and priorities for intervention.

Develop a city action plan with clear targets and timelines that describe the city’s planned activities in response to the priorities identified in the baseline assessment, as well as allocate adequate resources to execute said activities.

Launch a pilot project to trial solutions to plastic pollution within a designated area, with the goal to reduce plastic pollution by 30% in the pilot area and to reduce plastic pollution throughout the city by 30% within five (5) years.

Develop a monitoring and evaluation plan and report annually on progress towards the city action plan.

Appoint an in-house staff member as the city’s lead person for the Plastic Smart Cities initiative, and who is responsible for coordinating with WWF staff, and reporting annual progress toward the city’s action plan.

Plastic Smart Cities will exercise strong leadership to mobilize the relevant municipal departments, engage citizens and local stakeholders, build the necessary capacity and skills, prioritize resources, promote sustainable products and services through their public procurement practices and adopt and enforce the necessary policy regulations.

Please download the declaration (English | Spanish), and contact the PSC team to launch your city’s Plastic Smart journey.

If your city is working closely with a regional WWF office and/or local funding partner, and is making time-bound commitments, please contact your regional WWF office to launch your city’s Plastic Smart journey with a time-bound declaration (English).

Plastic Smart Cities Framework

Follow the journey to becoming a Plastic Smart City. 

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