Municipal Measurement Program

The Municipal Measurement Program is free program assessment and planning tool that delivers insights and actionable recommendations to municipal waste management agencies. 

TARGET USERS: Government

KEY CONSIDERATIONS: The Municipal Measurement Program is centralized database of municipal program information that government agencies can use to improve recycling, with a current target market in the United States and Canada.



You can’t manage and effectively reduce, what you don’t measure. Cities around the world have been pressured to reduce reliance on plastics, particularly single-use plastics, and increase collection and recycling rates. But in order for plastic reductions to be realized, and for collection and recycling rates to be increased, baseline scenarios must be obtained and disclosed to parties of interest. Monitoring, mapping and measuring helps to bring about accountability across industries and government agencies. 


Re-TRAC Connect™ and The Recycling Partnership developed the Municipal Measurement Program™ (MMP™), free program assessment and planning tool that delivers insights and actionable recommendations to municipal waste management agencies. By completing the MMP’s program assessment surveys, municipalities can generate reports to measure program performance and discover opportunities to improve waste and recycling programs. The program recommendations report analyzes the data submitted via the program assessment surveys and based on those responses, presents a set of program recommendations tailored specifically to the municipality.

The recommendations report introduces municipalities to a suite of effective tools and resources developed by The Recycling Partnership. The MMP uses standardized terminology that empowers municipalities to benchmark performance metrics against peers and national averages. The program also simplifies data management by centralizing all municipal waste and recycling program information.

The MMP is hosted in Re-TRAC Connect, a web-based software system developed by Emerge Knowledge Design, Inc. The program is free to use for municipal government agencies. On average, the program assessment surveys only take 90 minutes to complete.


The MMP compliments existing efforts at the municipal level to monitor and report waste collection and processing volumes, but provides additional tools to benchmark against other cities and national averages.


The MMP is currently available to all municipalities in the United States and Canada. A series of example MMP report outputs can be viewed here:

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