Nordsense develops smart sensors for waste bins to optimize the way waste collection is performed. 

TARGET USERS: Businesses, Industry, Government

KEY CONSIDERATIONS: Nordsense offers smart sensors, fleet management and intelligent routing software.



90% of the world’s waste is collected at the wrong time. When it’s picked-up too late, overflowing containers lead to waste in nature. When waste is collected too early, empty waste bins waste time and collection resources. Optimizing the waste collection time, can increase waste collection rates and reduce litter, while also reducing collection costs.


Smart waste management is revolutionizing an industry facing a worldwide struggle to reduce costs while keeping our cities cleaner. An increasing number of people around the globe are realizing that the status quo is no longer acceptable and that the best solution is to develop and maintain smart waste management. Regardless of whether you represent a whole city, an organization, or a waste operator, the benefits from focusing on smart waste management are undeniable.

The key benefit of the Nordsense smart waste management solution is cost savings through improved route optimization, resource handling and monitoring. Here’s how it works:

  1. Waste containers are equipped with a small sensor that measures the fill levels as well as a variety of other data points. The small footprint and sophisticated technology of the sensors allows them to be placed in any type of container, regardless of shape, size or contents.
  2. Log-in to a user-friendly platform from any Internet connected device to monitor in real-time the exact waste bins that need servicing. The platform also allows users to generate efficient, on-demand route maps that are optimized for the specific containers that need to be emptied.
  3. By using any Internet connected smartphone or tablet, a driver logs on to Nordsense to receive their daily work schedule. Their daily route will include detailed navigation with turn-by-turn instructions and spoken directions, which are all available in multiple languages. 

San Francisco
Through the use of the Nordsense system and the Open311 infrastructure, the City of San Francisco has found an: 80% decrease in overflowing trash cans, 66% decrease in street cleaning service requests 64% and decrease in illegal dumping.

In the beginning of 2016, the first 100 Nordsense Pods were installed in street bins in different areas of Copenhagen, with varying activity levels. The installation was done to build a baseline on the waste service optimization potential. It quickly became evident that in order to achieve the waste collection efficiency for the city, the drivers needed to empty bins based on demand, with dynamic addition of the bins to the collection schedules. Project findings revealed that 40% of emptied bins contain less than 25% of waste capacity and 90% of bins are not full when they are emptied.


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