Enhancing Labor-intensive Separate Waste Collection and Utilization in APEC Economies

Decision-makers and practitioners often focus on technological solutions for recycling, treating and disposing of waste. However, the key to successful comprehensive waste recovery lies in collection, which accounts for 60 to 80 percent of the total disposal costs. Mistakes made here cannot be compensated for by any technology, no matter how sophisticated.

This guide targets a key gap in APEC economies that is often overlooked, namely the need for low-cost, easily applicable, flexible methods of waste collection and separation. It presents successful examples that use technologically simple means to manage the generated waste very efficiently and cost-effectively. The guide provides practical instructions on how such systems can be developed, implemented, and operated. It empowers communities with the knowledge to seriously consider and implement a reliable waste collection system that is aimed at comprehensive separate collection and recycling.

Published Date: January 2023
Pages: 102

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