Extended Producer Responsibility Guideline on Plastic Products & Packaging for Industries in Indonesia

Extended Producers Responsibility (EPR) is widely recognized as a critical policy tool to encourage businesses to be held accountable for the end-of-life impacts of their plastic products and packaging and the development of eco-friendly products. 

Indonesia’s government strengthens its commitment towards EPR by the launch of the Ministry of Environment and Forest Regulation No. P.75/2019, concerning the Roadmap to Waste Reduction by Producers or also known as the Roadmap of EPR in Indonesia to drive businesses, including brand owners, manufacturers, importers, retailers, and the food & beverage service industry to implement best practices on managing their products’ waste. 

This report intends to strengthen business readiness, both in the sense of EPR implementation and in the transition towards a more collaborative, fair, and impactful circular waste management system for all involved actors, by reviewing and assessing the current progress of EPR development and circular economy direction in Indonesia. 

This report also seeks to provide key insights into overcoming barriers encountered by producers and recommendations for identifying opportunities in the upstream and downstream business of establishing a mandatory EPR scheme.

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