Inspiring Stories of Community-Based Waste Management: Sharing Experiences Across Indonesia via Participatory Action Research

The initiative and role of the community in dealing with waste need to be recognized. Especially when it comes to waste, a problem that never ends. Every effort to strengthen these initiatives and roles certainly has stories of ‘struggle’ that can be a personal and collective community. Including waste banks, NGOs, and communities that are Plastic Smart Cities (PSC) partners, addressing the issue of plastic waste is a great action that needs to be documented.
Inspiring Stories of Community-Based Waste Management

WWF-Indonesia through the Plastic Smart Cities (PSC) project presents inspiring stories that are stitched together into a narrative of best practices, which can serve as reflective lessons for the actors and, at the same time, develop their potential for the learning of other community groups in building efforts to handle plastic waste. As a process, these inspiring stories are also the result of strong collaboration between WWF-Indonesia and its partners, who are committed to providing examples of best practices in addressing the increasingly worrying problem of plastic waste leakage into the environment.

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