Waste Management Strategies and Pilot Testing

It has been estimated that Filipinos use 2.15 million tons of plastic annually, the highest in Southeast Asia —with about 750 million tons (35%) going into the open environment—making the country the third-largest plastic waste polluter in the world.

WWF-Philippines, in partnership with the Coca-Cola Foundation, implemented the Waste Management Strategies and Pilot Testing for Plastic Diversion System Project with the primary goal of determining waste management strategies in four (4) predominant landscape archetypes in the Philippines – highly urbanized cities (HUCs), coastal communities, islands, and lowlands.

The project has collected about 95,627.4 kilograms of PET from implemented project activities. All collected PET has been diverted by bringing these to junk shops and Materials Recovery Facilities (MRF) in the partner sites. For clean-up activities, the project developed a PSC Clean-up Toolkit (see Annex 1) to serve as a guide and to ensure all necessary data is collected in the activity.

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