[WWF] Community Generates Funds from Selling Recyclables through a Waste Bank Initiative

The separation of waste at source is supported through the provision of segregation bins to collect recyclable waste, which is sold to recyclers – this intervention generates income for the community from waste sorting. KEY SUCCESSES As of November 2023, the community has sold recyclable waste to the junk shop five times, totalling 1,195 kilograms […]

Clean Urban Waterways

Urban canals and rivers are an increasingly common end-point for consumer plastics, but can be kept clean using litter traps that retrieve floating plastic debris before it can enter seas and oceans. TARGET USERS: Individuals, Businesses, Industry, Government COSTS: Project specific KEY CONSIDERATIONS: Litter trap technologies take advantage of natural forces such as water currents and wind to effectively capture plastic […]

The Great Bubble Barrier

The Great Bubble Barrier® intercepts plastic waste before it reaches our oceans by implementing Bubble Barriers that direct waste to the side of the river in its catchment system.  TARGET USERS: Government KEY CONSIDERATIONS: The first Bubble Barrier was installed in Amsterdam in November 2019. Beforehand, a pilot was conducted to test the Bubble Barrier’s efficiency and showed that […]


Sweepsmart is an end-to-end segregated waste management system for emerging and developing countries.  TARGET USERS: Businesses, Industry, Government KEY CONSIDERATIONS: Tailored solutions for developing countries, with consideration for the specific waste challenges found in these countries. MORE INFORMATION: https://www.sweepsmart.org/ THE PROBLEM In countries like India and Indonesia, most waste is openly burnt or dumped, polluting streets, rivers, nature and our […]

Smart Sensors and Digitalization

Smart sensors in waste bins can optimize the process of waste collection, thereby increasing collection rates and reducing downstream waste management costs.  TARGET USERS: Businesses, Industry, Government KEY CONSIDERATIONS: Smart sensors can be incorporated with fleet management and intelligent routing software for a comprehensive waste collection process. MORE INFORMATION: Publication, “Smart garbage monitoring system using sensors” THE PROBLEM 90% of […]


The Shoreliner is a collection system for floating plastic debris in ports, rivers and other waterways.  TARGET USERS: Businesses, Industry, Government KEY CONSIDERATIONS: The Shoreliner is being developed in The Netherlands, and has launched a pilot with the Port of Rotterdam. MORE INFORMATION: https://www.tauw.com/news/news/shoreliner-voted-most-sustainable-port-project.html THE PROBLEM More and more plastic waste is ending up in our oceans and seas. The […]

River Watch

River Watch (Sungai Watch in Indonesia) is an online platform that uses GIS mapping and artificial intelligence to monitor plastic river cleanups.  TARGET USERS: Businesses and Government KEY CONSIDERATIONS: Sungai Watch is deployed in tandem with floating booms that trap plastic debris in rivers for collection, processing and recycling; pilots are currently launched in Bali, Indonesia. MORE INFORMATION: https://makeachange.world/sungaiwatch […]

Source Segregation

Source Segregation by regulatory instrument establishes rules that govern the quality of garbage collection at the household or institutional level, and that can mandate or incentivize waste stream separation at the source of generation.  TARGET USERS: Individuals, Businesses, Industry, Government KEY CONSIDERATIONS: Source Segregation reduces the upstream sorting cost and ensures that downstream recyclers receive clean feedstock, thus […]

Project Stop

Project STOP helps cities design and implement waste management programs to increase collection rates and keep plastics out of the environment.  TARGET USERS: Individuals, Businesses, Industry, Government KEY CONSIDERATIONS: Project STOP does not own the waste nor operate a collection, sorting, recycling, treatment or landfill business. All profits from the sale of recyclables and organics are kept by the local community and […]

Plastic Bank

Plastic Bank provides above market-rate for plastic waste, incentivizing plastic collection in exchange for money, items or services.  TARGET USERS: Individuals, Businesses, Industry, Government KEY CONSIDERATIONS: Plastic collected through Plastic Bank is recycled and sold at a premium as Social Plastic®. MORE INFORMATION: https://www.plasticbank.com/ THE PROBLEM An astounding 80% of ocean plastic derives from land-based sources. Much of this plastic […]