Nordsense develops smart sensors for waste bins to optimize the way waste collection is performed.  TARGET USERS: Businesses, Industry, Government KEY CONSIDERATIONS: Nordsense offers smart sensors, fleet management and intelligent routing software. MORE INFORMATION: THE PROBLEM 90% of the world’s waste is collected at the wrong time. When it’s picked-up too late, overflowing containers lead to waste in nature. When waste is […]

Fishing for Litter

Fishing for Litter aims to reduce marine litter by encouraging the fishing industry to collect ocean plastics, ghost gear, and other debris that gathers in their nets during normal fishing activities.  TARGET USERS: Businesses, Industry, Government KEY CONSIDERATIONS: All the fishermen who participate in the project are volunteers. MORE INFORMATION: THE PROBLEM Every year, marine species become trapped or entangled […]

Deposit Refund Scheme

Deposit refund schemes provide a small refund to consumers when a plastic item is returned to an authorized collection point.  TARGET USERS: Individuals, Government KEY CONSIDERATIONS: In Europe, 10 countries have implemented deposit refund schemes, with return rates ranging between 82% in Estonia and 98% in Germany. MORE INFORMATION: THE PROBLEM Single-use plastic items are often discarded into […]

Municipal Collection

Municipal Collection is an essential foundation for any successful waste management system, providing dedicated collection points and/or door-to-door collection services. TARGET USERS: Individuals, Businesses, Industry, Government KEY CONSIDERATIONS: Waste collection and transportation are large cost sinks in municipal solid waste management, and can account for up to 90% of total disposal costs in developing countries […]