The Shoreliner is a collection system for floating plastic debris in ports, rivers and other waterways. 

TARGET USERS: Businesses, Industry, Government

KEY CONSIDERATIONS: The Shoreliner is being developed in The Netherlands, and has launched a pilot with the Port of Rotterdam.



More and more plastic waste is ending up in our oceans and seas. The Port of Rotterdam took the initiative of asking the private sector to develop a system for removing plastic waste – particularly waste that is floating or suspended in water or airborne – from the port and port basins before it drifts out to sea. 


The Shoreliner is a capture system that reduces the amount of plastic in rivers, seas and oceans by catching floating plastic waste, removing it, and then recycling it. The data that is collected with the capture is used to gather and share knowledge and shape policy around the issues related to plastic soup.

Tauw developed the Shoreliner for the Port of Rotterdam Authority, Rijkswaterstaat and the Tauw Foundation as part of the Port Waste Catch program.


The Port Waste Catch program received several project submissions, however the Shoreliner was selected as the top innovation in the competition.


The Port of Rotterdam, see

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