Sweepsmart is an end-to-end segregated waste management system for emerging and developing countries. 

TARGET USERS: Businesses, Industry, Government

KEY CONSIDERATIONS: Tailored solutions for developing countries, with consideration for the specific waste challenges found in these countries.

MORE INFORMATION: https://www.sweepsmart.org/


In countries like India and Indonesia, most waste is openly burnt or dumped, polluting streets, rivers, nature and our ocean. Enormous landfills are polluting the groundwater and constantly burning and emitting greenhouse gases. Toxic waste, explosion and collapsing risks lead to a life expectancy of 40 years for the waste pickers living on top of it.

There is no solution yet for municipalities and companies in countries like India and Indonesia. The way it is done in Europe does not work in a country where streets are narrower, taxes are lower and 2.5 million people rely on waste picking for a living.

Local NGOs are already doing great work, but do not have state-of-the-art waste management knowledge.


Sweepsmart provides modern segregated waste management solutions based on European waste management knowledge but tailored to emerging and developing countries. With local partners, Sweepsmart turns waste pickers into waste managers. They collect, segregate and recycle waste, to offer a professional waste management service.

The Sweepsmart Waste System has a Europe-meets-local design, which includes a total package of hardware, IT, processes, and training.


Waste management solutions such as http://citizengage.co/


See case studies here: https://www.sweepsmart.org/projects-in-action

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