PSC Takes Part in Eurocities Environmental Forum in Grenoble

Eurocities announced its initial partnership with Plastic Smart Cities (PSC) at the Eurocities Environmental Forum in Oslo in 2019. Now in 2022, PSC and Eurocities are reviving this partnership and collaborative efforts to support cities with their plastic smart journey amidst the COVID recovery.

In April 2022, PSC once again participated in Eurocities Environmental Forum, this time held in Grenoble, France, leading a PSC Project Corner to engage with Eurocities’ members, more than 200 of Europe’s major cities from 38 countries, which together represent over 130 million people.

Follow-on discussions continue with leading European cities surrounding potential PSC collaborations, building on the list of 25 Eurocities that signed the original Eurocities Plastic Declaration. These 25 cities are highlighted on the PSC map found on the PSC platform here.

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