We Use

We Use is a reusable tableware rental and cleansing service for events in Hong Kong.  

TARGET USERS: Individuals, Businesses

KEY CONSIDERATIONS: Only operating in Hong Kong. 

MORE INFORMATION: https://www.weuse.hk/


Events are a significant source of plastic pollution, as single-use plastics are commonly used for food and drink service. While some events provide plastic collection and sorting bins, with the intent of recycling collected plastics, the actual percentage of collected plastics that are in fact recycled continues to diminish given leakage along the waste collection and processing chain, as well as the dire economics of plastic recycling in the current global marketplace.


We Use provides a reusable cutlery rental and cleansing service for large-scale events in Hong Kong. They help event organizers reduce solid wastes at parties, carnivals, music concerts, outdoor weddings etc., by replacing disposable cutlery usage with high quality washable tableware.


Many cities have cutlery and tableware rental services for events – large and small.


The city of Hong Kong directs more than 175 tons of disposable tableware to the landfill every day. In order to reduce this landfill burden, We Use has reduced usage of more than 270,000 pieces of one-off tableware in more than 300 events.

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