Precious Plastic

Precious Plastic is an open-source project that provides tools and guidance on creating local, small-scale recycling shops for the processing and manufacturing of new products. 

TARGET USERS: Individuals, Businesses

KEY CONSIDERATIONS: Guidance is geared for plastic entrepreneurs that are motivated to recycle and manufacture new products on site. 



Few single-use plastic items are actually recycled, with the vast majority of plastics being dumped in landfills, incinerated or leaked into the environment. In many developing nations, plastic recycling facilities are simply not accessible, translating to higher levels of leaked plastic pollution. 


Precious Plastic aims to boost plastic recycling worldwide by providing tools and resources on how to build a low-cost plastic recycling and manufacturing shop. Particularly valuable in the developing world, where recycling capabilities may not be accessible, designers and artisans can collaborate with waste pickers in the informal sector to manufacture new and useful products on the ground using 100% local recycled plastics.  
Precious Plastic is a free resource started by Dave Hakkens in 2013, and now counts on the contributions of dozens of people joining the project with their skills and knowledge. It has made a series of instructional videos to teach people about transforming plastic waste into valuable products, from how to separate different types of plastics, build your own machines (shredders, extrusion, injection and compression machines from readily available materials), to the best ways to collect plastic. 

From plastic recycling machines, to products made from recycled plastic, to tools for recycling businesses to set-up shop, to industry networking tools, Precious Plastic is a dynamic resource for those looking to turn plastic waste into valuable entities. 

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Other recycling solutions exist at the mid to large-scale recycling facilities, however, Precious Plastics is unique at the local small-scale level, with an aim of empowering local plastic recycling entrepreneurs.


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