Kabadiwalla Connect

Kabadiwalla Connect is a decentralized waste management and waste collection solution for cities in the developing world. 

TARGET USERS: Individuals, Businesses, Industry, Government

KEY CONSIDERATIONS: Solution that integrates informal waste pickers into a formal waste management system.

MORE INFORMATION: https://www.kabadiwallaconnect.in/


The recovery of post-consumer waste in the developing world is driven by the informal waste ecosystem. However, municipalities, multi-national brands and waste management companies struggle to work effectively with these stakeholders, and they continue to remain outside the purview of municipal waste-management systems and Producer Responsibility Organizations (PROs).


Kabadiwalla Connect helps leverage a city’s existing informal waste infrastructure in the collection and processing of post-consumer waste. Kabadiwalla’s research into the informal sector and commercial pilots in India, Indonesia and the Ivory Coast provide strong evidence to the commercial, environmental and social benefits of forming mutual partnerships with stakeholders in the informal waste supply-chain.

Solutions offered, include:

  • Mapping – Spatially enabled, industry compliant data-collection on informal waste infrastructure in cities in the developing world.
  • Digitisation – KYC and transaction based material tracking and traceability across stakeholders in the informal supply-chain.
  • Collection – Hyperlocal reverse-logistics solutions for post-consumer waste management — powered by local informal scrap-shops.

See Sweepsmart and Citizengage.


No case study examples are available at this time. 

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