Edible Packaging

Edible packaging made of natural, biodegradable, plant-based materials can be eaten on the go, without a need for waste collection, processing, recycling, or disposal.  TARGET USERS: Individuals, Businesses, Industry, Government KEY CONSIDERATIONS: Edible packaging is made of zero waste packaging materials that can be utilized for food and beverages. MORE INFORMATION:  https://www.nationalgeographic.com/environment/future-of-food/food-packaging-plastics-recycle-solutions/ THE PROBLEM Of the 78 million metric tons […]

Kabadiwalla Connect

Kabadiwalla Connect is a decentralized waste management and waste collection solution for cities in the developing world.  TARGET USERS: Individuals, Businesses, Industry, Government KEY CONSIDERATIONS: Solution that integrates informal waste pickers into a formal waste management system. MORE INFORMATION: https://www.kabadiwallaconnect.in/ THE PROBLEM The recovery of post-consumer waste in the developing world is driven by the informal waste ecosystem. However, municipalities, multi-national brands and […]

Deposit Refund Scheme

Deposit refund schemes provide a small refund to consumers when a plastic item is returned to an authorized collection point.  TARGET USERS: Individuals, Government KEY CONSIDERATIONS: In Europe, 10 countries have implemented deposit refund schemes, with return rates ranging between 82% in Estonia and 98% in Germany. MORE INFORMATION: https://recyclinginternational.com/plastics/deposit-return-scheme/ THE PROBLEM Single-use plastic items are often discarded into […]

Circulate Capital

Circulate Capital finances innovations that prevent the flow of plastic waste into the world’s oceans.  TARGET USERS: Individuals, Businesses, Industry, Government KEY CONSIDERATIONS: The Circulate Capital Ocean Fund (CCOF) provides both debt and equity financing to waste management, recycling, and circular economy start-ups and SMEs in India, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines. CCOF helps solutions to scale […]

Chemical Recycling

Chemical recycling refers to processes that turn plastic polymers back into individual monomers, allowing post-consumer plastic materials to be reused.  TARGET USERS: Industry, Government KEY CONSIDERATIONS: Chemical recycling returns plastic to the chemical building blocks that make up the material while avoiding the burning of plastics. MORE INFORMATION: https://sustainablepackaging.org/essentials-of-chemical-recycling/ THE PROBLEM Traditional physical or mechanical recycling typically grinds down plastic into […]

Bankable Nature Solutions

Bankable Nature Solutions are solutions for environmental challenges that at the same time generate an acceptable (risk-adjusted) return on the money invested. TARGET USERS: Businesses, Industry, Government KEY CONSIDERATIONS: Bankable Nature Solutions are intrinsically different from regular conservation projects as they are managed by the private sector with a design centered around revenue generating activities that help recover project […]

Advance Disposal Fee

Advanced Disposal Fees are non-refundable fees levied on individual products at the point of purchase, with the fee being built into the price of the product based on the estimated costs of collection and processing.  TARGET USERS: Individuals, Businesses, Industry, Government KEY CONSIDERATIONS: Advanced Disposal Fees employ a “polluter pays” approach to revenue generation to fund collection and […]