Plastic Smart Guide For Cities

The Plastic Smart Guides are broken down into the 5 core steps outlined below:

No Plastic in Nature in Philippines
Towards No Plastic in Nature (NPIN): Five Years’ Journey in the Philippines, Across 10 Plastic Smart Cities
WWF-Philippines’ No Plastics in Nature (NPIN) initiative celebrated its fifth anniversary on Tuesday,...
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Industry plays a crucial role in the global production and use of plastics and thereby is a key player...
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Waste Wise Cities Challenge
The Changemaker City Challenge pairs cities in emerging economies with partner cities to support the...
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Clean Urban Waterways
Urban canals and rivers are an increasingly common end-point for consumer plastics, but can be kept...
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Bye Bye Plastic Bag
Bye Bye Plastic Bags is a community engagement and educational movement driven by youth that advocates...
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Controlled Disposal Facility
Controlled disposal facilities are considered the last available option for material disposal.  TARGET...
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Youth-Led Initiatives
Youth-driven community engagement and education initiatives that advocate for no plastic in our world...
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We Use
We Use is a reusable tableware rental and cleansing service for events in Hong Kong.   TARGET...
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WasteAware Benchmark Indicators
WasteAware Benchmark Indicators (WABI) consists of an indicator set that assesses waste management performance...
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Waste Flow Tools
Waste flow tools offer cities the analytical guidance they need to create, manage and sustain...
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The Plastic Smart Guides were developed for cities as a step-by-step process to achieve their Plastic Smart targets. These guides will continue to be molded from lessons learned and case study examples across the PSC community, as well as best practices that are catalogued on this platform. While the initial guides were developed by WWF colleagues and external experts, moving forward we seek to include guidance and real-world examples from you, our PSC community.

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