Kalipi: Empowering Women in the Philippines to Reduce Plastic Waste

In the Philippines, households contribute a significant amount of plastic waste, among which single-use plastic in the form of disposable packaging often come up top. Soft plastics and styrofoam, in particular, are notoriously difficult and costly for recycling. More often than not, these end up being burnt, dumped in our landfills or worse, in our […]

Surat Thani Joins WWF and the WON Project to Reduce Plastics Waste

In November 2020, Surat Thani municipality, WON Project, and the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Thailand signed a partnership agreement on a plastic recycling programme in Surat Thani province, Thailand, with the aim of intensifying their actions on the collection of single-use plastic bag and recycling. After signing the partnership, Dr. Arnold Sitompul, Conservation […]