Cities and Businesses Tackling the Tourism Plastic Crisis

Everyday, plastic flows into our natural environment at an unprecedented rate, posing a threat to land and marine ecosystems, local economies and human health. The tourism sector, including destinations and business, has an important role in contributing to the solution for plastic pollution. Tourism is responsible for up to 40% increase of marine litter in […]

Media Release: Local and subnational Governments Coalition to end Plastic Pollution

Local and subnational Governments Coalition to end Plastic Pollution

Local Governments for Sustainability, the Gouvernement du Québec, the Government of Catalonia, UCLG and Partners officially launched the Global Coalition of Local and Subnational Governments to end Plastic Pollution and issued a call for action. The coalition is an international coalition of local and subnational governments, and partner organizations, with the primary goal of stopping […]

Case Studies from Asia: City-Level Learnings for the Global Plastic Pollution Treaty

As United Nations Member States gather to negotiate a historic global treaty on plastic pollution, this report aims to provide negotiators with policy recommendations derived from on-the-ground interventions from cities in Asia that are tackling plastic pollution. With 60% of plastic waste derived from urban centres, cities are on the frontline of the global plastic […]

Unpacking Reuse in the Plastic Pollution Treaty

The international community has started negotiations on a global treaty to end plastic pollution. The treaty is focused on the plastic pollution across the lifecycle of plastic, arising from the over-use and mismanagement of plastic products. The treaty will contain a range of provisions to tackle these issues across the product life cycle. A key […]

Extended Producer Responsibility: Basic Facts and Key Principles

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) is a policy approach that makes producers responsible for their products along the entire lifecycle, including at the post-consumer stage. This policy paper summarises the current consensus on the EPR policy approach. This document synthesises the current implementing experience with the EPR policy approach to provide policymakers with knowledge on the […]