Loop is a global circular shopping platform that enables consumers to buy common household products in reusable containers and with a container delivery/return service in partnership with major retail brands.  TARGET USERS: Individuals, Businesses, Industry, Government KEY CONSIDERATIONS: Loop currently features 173 products that range from food to personal care products, to household cleaning supplies, and with a […]

Litter Traps

Litter trap technologies retrieve floating plastic debris in rivers, ports, and harbors before it can enter seas and oceans.  TARGET USERS: Government KEY CONSIDERATIONS: Litter trap technologies take advantage of natural forces such as water currents and wind to effectively capture plastic debris before it can reach the sea, requiring no energy to function and respecting the natural environment. MORE INFORMATION: https://www.clearrivers.eu/ THE PROBLEM […]

Landfill Tax

Landfill taxes are charged to private landfill operators to help drive waste away from landfills and towards environmentally preferable disposal alternatives, such as reuse, recycling, and composting.  TARGET USERS: Businesses, Industry, Government KEY CONSIDERATIONS: While it is well documented that countries with high landfill taxes tend to have lower landfill rates, affordable landfill alternatives must be available in […]


Ioniqa transforms all types and colors of PET waste into valuable resources of ‘virgin quality’ new PET through its proprietary upcycling technology.  TARGET USERS: Businesses, Industry, Government COSTS: See contact for more information. KEY CONSIDERATIONS: The Ioniqa technology is only operational at its first plant in The Netherlands as of July 2019. MORE INFORMATION: https://ioniqa.com/ CONTACT: [email protected] THE PROBLEM The vast majority […]

Incineration Tax

Incineration taxes are charged to waste incineration operators to help drive waste away from incinerator facilities towards preferable disposal alternatives, including reuse, recycling, and composting.  TARGET USERS: Businesses, Industry, Government KEY CONSIDERATIONS: Incineration tax can be an effective instrument that diverts plastic waste away from incinerator facilities, but it can also be a politically divisive instrument among waste-to-energy advocates. […]

Fishing for Litter

Fishing for Litter aims to reduce marine litter by encouraging the fishing industry to collect ocean plastics, ghost gear, and other debris that gathers in their nets during normal fishing activities.  TARGET USERS: Businesses, Industry, Government KEY CONSIDERATIONS: All the fishermen who participate in the project are volunteers. MORE INFORMATION: http://fishingforlitter.org/ THE PROBLEM Every year, marine species become trapped or entangled […]

Extended Producer Responsibility

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) holds producers responsible for the collection and recycling of specified volumes of plastic that they produce and place into the market.  TARGET USERS: Individuals, Businesses, Industry, Government KEY CONSIDERATIONS: EPR policy impacts often depend largely on implementation and policing capabilities. MORE INFORMATION: WWF EPR Project THE PROBLEM There is no economic incentive for product manufacturers to reduce […]

Excess Materials Exchange

The Excess Materials Exchange is a digital matching platform that identifies high-value re-use options for excess materials or waste products that a company produces.  TARGET USERS: Individuals, Businesses, Government KEY CONSIDERATIONS: Any material, component or product can be exchanged on the EME, however in their pilot they unlocked the potential across 18 streams. MORE INFORMATION: https://excessmaterialsexchange.com/ THE PROBLEM Far too […]


EcoTiles are a composite material made from recycled plastics and combined with sand and UV stabilizing pigments and are manufactured by a proprietary extrusion process that produces highly durable yet lightweight roof tiles.  TARGET USERS: Individuals, Businesses, Industry, Government KEY CONSIDERATIONS: Polymers and Engineered Roofing Tiles replicate the look of natural clay and concrete tile, but are half […]


EcoBricks are building bricks made from waste plastic sachets for use in building and construction. TARGET USERS: Individuals, Businesses, Industry, Government COSTS: Community exchange program – one EcoBrick in exchange for two and half kilos of plastic sachets. For large construction projects, inquire for project quote. KEY CONSIDERATIONS: Only available in the Philippines. MORE INFORMATION: https://www.nestle.com.ph/media/newsfeed/nestle-green-antz-address-waste-plastic-laminates-as-corporations THE PROBLEM Plastic sachets are single-use items that are not […]