Upp! builds local recycling facilities that process and remanufacture plastic goods for local sales and distribution. 

TARGET USERS: Individuals, Businesses, Industry

KEY CONSIDERATIONS: Upp! currently operates in Vietnam, Singapore and The Netherlands.

    MORE INFORMATION: https://www.upcyclingplastic.com/en/

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    Every year we add 300 million ton of plastic waste to the enormous waste mountain and soup we already have. Less than 10% of this is re-used or recycled. To reduce incineration, landfilling and not to dump more plastic waste in our oceans, we have to re-use and recycle much; much more and much better than we do today.



    Upp! creates recycling factories where plastics are gathered regionally and made into durable, recyclable products needed by the local community. With a goal to save 250 million kilos of plastic waste every year from incineration, landfills or oceans by 2025, Upp! supports companies, communities and governments to become plastic-waste-free.

    To learn more, visit: https://www.upcyclingplastic.com/en/ 


    Precious Plastic is an open source project that provides tools and guidance on creating local, small scale recycling shops for the processing and manufacturing of new products. See https://plasticsmartcities.org/products/precious-plastic?_pos=1&_sid=6a2f1de3c&_ss=r



    Circular Plastic Factory, Phu Quoc
    Together with the TTC Group, Upp! will close the plastic loop on Phu Quoc by building a Circular Plastic Factory that will use plastic waste from the beaches of Phu Quoc to make building materials used in the construction of hotels and resorts on Phu Quoc. 

    Ecopark Hanoi
    Together with the Minh Khai plastic craft village, Green Hub Vietnam, CECR, Vihajico and other partners, Upp! aims to recycle and up-cycle plastic waste from the Ecopark Hanoi to make products for public areas, infrastructure and the expansion of Eco park Hanoi. 

    See other Upp! projects at: https://www.upcyclingplastic.com/en/projects/

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