PlanetCare filters are a solution for removing plastic microfibers from washing machine waste water. 

TARGET USERS: Individuals, Industry, Government

    COSTS: starting from €9.95 per month.

    KEY CONSIDERATIONS: PlanetCare filters stop 90% of microfibers, installation takes 10 minutes (no special tools needed), and come as a closed loop service with a return & reuse program for used filter cartridges.


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      Synthetic materials used in clothes such as polyester, acrylic and nylon represent about approximately 60% of clothing material worldwide. When washed, these clothing materials shed tiny fibers, called microplastics, that go down the drain with waste water, and can contaminate waterways. Microplastic contamination of the oceans is one of the world’s most pressing environmental concerns. The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), reports that plastic particles washed off of products such as synthetic clothes, represent 35% of the plastic polluting our oceans.

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      PlanetCare filter stop harmful plastic microfibers that shed from our clothes during washing, before they flow into the water system and pollute the oceans. PlanetCare microfiber filters have been independently tested and proven to stop 90% of microfibers.

      The filter is based on physical filtration, and no chemicals are used at any stage of the process. All the water coming from a washing machine is filtered, and a specifically designed in-depth filter that captures a wide range of fiber sizes (generally between 50 microns and 5 millimeters) is used.


      Household add-on filter 

      The filter is an external retrofit device, compatible with all washing machines. Users can choose between a monthly subscription service and a starter pack. All customers receive a filter, replacement cartridges, a hose, a mount, and a small counter of wash cycles. Installation is quick and easy; users are guided through all steps by a ‘how-to’ video ( Filters for domestic washing machines are available worldwide from PlanetCare’s online shop ( 

      Commercial Filters

      The commercial microfiber filter is designed for the service industry using larger washing machines, such as launderettes, smaller hotels, sports facilities, marinas etc.

      The commercial filter functions along the same principles as the external filter. It uses exchangeable cartridges and does not use chemicals or electricity. The filter is adapted to accommodate very high water flows, it has a small footprint and is designed for easy maintenance.

      This is a tailored solution: PlanetCare works closely with the client to ensure the filter integrates seamlessly into the existing set-up.



      There are a number of competing solutions that address microfiber releases from laundry, including:



      For the most recent case study examples, see the attached document here.

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