City of Donsol



[Maximum 2500 characters]

Provide a brief introduction of the city:

  • Distinguishing facts, figures, geographic location, or unique city features
  • Population, demographics, geography, key industries
  • City’s main plastic challenges and how the city came to join the Plastic Smart Cities initiative



[Maximum 2500 characters]

Describe the City Action Plan in brief (and provide link):

  • Key findings and figures from baseline waste analysis (e.g. plastic waste volumes, collection rates, recycling rates, etc.)
  • Key activities and planned pilot interventions
  • Best practices and policy instruments that the city is implementing, or planning to implement
  • Key plastic reduction targets and goals
  • Implementation timeline (Optional)


[Maximum 1000 characters]

Briefly introduce the city’s publicly available annual sustainability report (if available):

  • Highlight city’s Plastic Smart Cities’ commitments within the context of the cities’ larger sustainability efforts
  • Provide PDF of the sustainability report, or a hyperlink to an online version
  • Provide key waste metrics from monitoring activities